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images of a post religious Christmas

Here are examples of the efforts of some religious folks to keep the Christ in Christmas. makes me really wonder what it is we think the incarnation (word becoming flesh) is all about. But religion requires this kind of response. … Continue reading

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discussing the trinity in a post-religious world

Our faith community is going to be having an online discussion group of the novel The Shack. As I was doing a search for some video on it I came across this rant (sermon) on YouTube. [youtube pK65Jfny70Y nolink] Mark … Continue reading

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faith in a post religious world

So in response to the recent USA today article about people turning away from religion I have had several conversations mostly¬†in cyberspace with Christians who give me way to¬†understand why our culture is moving into being post-religious. First, there is … Continue reading

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Face in the wood

Doug Pagiit found Jesus in  the wood trim at his house (tongue firmly planted in cheek). I was taking a picture of the trim work in one of the bedrooms of our duplex in order to get a matching piece … Continue reading

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footprints in the sand reloaded

Here is a reimagining of the footprints poem that someone sent me. makes me want to shout the affirmation faith is a dance! Enjoy Imagine you and the Lord Jesus are walking down the road together. For much of the way, … Continue reading

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Why is it good friday when God vanishes?

Via Crucis Stations of the cross blog Here is a wonderful quote from maggi dawn’s post when God vanishes in response to her son’s comment about Good Friday. "Why is it called Good Friday?" asked my son. "It’s not good … Continue reading

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Telling the story – Wise words from Tony Campolo

In an article on On Evangelicals and Interfaith Cooperation, an interview with Tony Campolo makes this statement that I think is relevant to the spiritual practice of (racial) reconciliation I suggested in my post emergent thread. TC: Rather than making … Continue reading

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Jesus as he was, Jesus as he is, Jesus as he will be.

Yesterday I picked up N.T. Wright’s The Challenge of Jesus: Rediscovering Who Jesus Was and Is in preparation for my talk a the next emergent west Michigan "conversation Wednesday".  The quote that caught my attention. "We cannot assume that by … Continue reading

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images of Jesus from icons to pop art

The Old Bill has gathered an incredible collection/galleryof  images of Jesus it’s well worth a visit.

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following jesus into leadership part 2

Are the leadership models of choice more than an reaction to unhealthy leadership patterns of the modern church. Some don’t think so. In response to my previous post and comment on his blog Lucas over a my four walls continues the … Continue reading

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