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More changes coming on the religious landscape

If the¬†thoughts¬† in this post from CS monitor (in light of the recent article and study reported in USA Today) are true then I sadly don’t think the church in the US is ready. The coming evangelical collapse | csmonitor.com … Continue reading

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defining emergence

This morning I opened up my email inbox and there was this article about Driscoll defining emergent/emerging churches is a way "we can all understand" Monday Morning Insight Weblog: It has link to a PDF of an article by Mark in the … Continue reading

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red letter christians

One of my favorite writers speakers and evangelicals Tony Campolo has a great article on beliefnet.com calling for a new approach to Christian participation in the political arena. He wants to jump-start a religious movement that will transcend partisan politics. Believing that Jesus … Continue reading

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emergent diversity – conversations about race and emergence

Maurice Broaddus has this to say in an article Black People in the Conversation over at emergent diversity In a lot of ways, the emergent church struck me as, well, the Christian equivalent of the grunge movement. A little subversive, a … Continue reading

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Telling the story – Wise words from Tony Campolo

In an article on On Evangelicals and Interfaith Cooperation, an interview with Tony Campolo makes this statement that I think is relevant to the spiritual practice of (racial) reconciliation I suggested in my post emergent thread. TC: Rather than making … Continue reading

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post emergent pt III – sharing the wealth

As I share in a comment to the original post I was un prepared for the the nerve that this post has struck in the emerging church blogosphere. I think it is important to share the wealth of thought that … Continue reading

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insignificant – Barna on emergent

Chris Monroe over at Paradoxology has posted some of his lunch conversation with George Barna who said the emergent movement (when compared with the "revolutionaries" he had been studying) was rather insignificant Is it possible that after all the hype in … Continue reading

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Connecting with the Church’s Younger Evangelicals

When: Thursday, September 15 2005
Where: Contextual Learning Center – Grand Rapids Theological Seminary
More Information: 616.222.1422 x1377
My Role: Reporter

Dr. Robert Webber (Author of The Younger Evangelicals and the Ancient-Future series will give a presentation and then there will be Q&A over lunch (lunch is provided). September 15 and 16.
The cost is $20/person. Dr. Webber will also be speaking on Friday at 10AM at GRTS’s Chapel and worship will be led by Troy Hatfield from Mars Hill Bible Church.

Please check out the details at
And contact Diana O’Connor (616.222.1422) to register.

Continue reading

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a new evangelical???

there a lot of talk today about new this and new that. new church, new church plant, but do we need new evangelicals. i don’t much care for the word but evangelical does serve as a description of one stream … Continue reading

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