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faith in a post religious world

So in response to the recent USA today article about people turning away from religion I have had several conversations mostly in cyberspace with Christians who give me way to understand why our culture is moving into being post-religious. First, there is … Continue reading

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defining emergence

browsing the ooze blog I cam e across a link to this site which has compiled an extensive list of online definitions of the emerging church i wonder as i wander: what is the emerging/missional/monastic/ multicultural/postmodern church anyway?.

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the power of what if

One of the most powerful lessons learned in my recent diversity training with Steve Robbins is the power of asking the question, what if? I have applied that learning to the recent conversations about race and the emergent ( not … Continue reading

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emerging church forum postscript

Well I don’t know how I represented the emerging/post-emergent/missional world view at the Baker forum two weeks ago. It was fun to hear the thoughts of the other participants all of whom I know; including my friend Steve Argue, who argued articulately for the … Continue reading

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why race still matters and trumps everything in emerging/missional conversation

If you haven’t heard about the Jena six don’t be surprised. Until today when thousands marched to protest the treatment of six back youth by the justice system in the south there was scant  coverage of the six black students plight … Continue reading

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things I learned while teaching a class on the missional church

As the some says “Its been a long while” since I’ve been blogging anyway. Besides leading my young church plant I had the privilege to teach a class on the missional church at a local seminary Missional Church GRTS MIN567. … Continue reading

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toward a missional future

emergent, new monastic, emerging, organic, ancient future, missional church. I haven’t been completely comfortable with any of these current labels for evolving ways of being the church. As I have been re-imagining what it means to be a follower of Jesus in … Continue reading

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emerging church dead end?

It may be self serving but I am encouraged when I see others speaking out for a post emergent future for the emerging church. Here is a snippet of a review from a talk given by Jason Clark titled The Emerging … Continue reading

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Emergent and large

I came across this recent in the The Christian Century. The description of Jacob’s web does not seem to fit the usual prescription of an emergent church. Which is supposed to be small and democratically led. (flat leadership model) This … Continue reading

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the original emerging church

I am preparing for a couple of worship messages based on Act 2:42-44 and while browsing the religion section of a local bookstore I came across a great book find. A couple of dusty feet caught my eye.  They were … Continue reading

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