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defining emergence

browsing the ooze blog I cam e across a link to this site which has compiled an extensive list of online definitions of the emerging church i wonder as i wander: what is the emerging/missional/monastic/ multicultural/postmodern church anyway?.

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the power of what if

One of the most powerful lessons learned in my recent diversity training with Steve Robbins is the power of asking the question, what if? I have applied that learning to the recent conversations about race and the emergent ( not … Continue reading

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an undiscovered voice in the conversation

Recently i discovered a voice in the emergent conversation that I was not aware of, melvin bray. His bio reads I  am a professional speaker and aspiring author. I am contributing the chapter “Reading the Prophets for Justice: How can … Continue reading

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toward a missional future

emergent, new monastic, emerging, organic, ancient future, missional church. I haven’t been completely comfortable with any of these current labels for evolving ways of being the church. As I have been re-imagining what it means to be a follower of Jesus in … Continue reading

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emerging church dead end?

It may be self serving but I am encouraged when I see others speaking out for a post emergent future for the emerging church. Here is a snippet of a review from a talk given by Jason Clark titled The Emerging … Continue reading

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Slice of Laodicea: on the rampage again

 I just noticed that Slice of Laodicea:  is on the rampage again wiith their/his particular perspective on Christianity, recently he has attacked Christians doing yoga, Rob Bell, Willow Creek, and now all things emergenct in a critique of Anne Lamott for endorsing a … Continue reading

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post emergence is no fluke!

In my recent web browsing of things emergent. I came across some posts that suggest that my post emergent perspective is not a fluke. Jaimie Smith of Generous Orthodoxy ThinkTank: Emergent Reflections Post-Divergent points out several distinctions he recently experienced … Continue reading

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Emergence and the Da Vinci Code: Do Stories Matter?

Kruse Kronicle: writes an interesting critique of the emergent conversation with regard to the Da Vinci Code and treatment of story in general. Here’s a quote Yet for Emergent types, of all people, to flippantly dismiss concerns about events like … Continue reading

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a new kind of christianity on CBS news

Here is a link to a video of the CBS news piece about the emergent church including a brief piece with McLaren see here

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Brian McLaren and the secret message of jesus

Thanks to Elizabeth Potter for a heads up on this MCLAREN ON CBS EVENING NEWS. Emergent-church leader and The Secret Message of Jesus (W Publishing/Nelson) author Brian McLaren will be featured in a series on faith this week on CBS Evening News. The … Continue reading

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