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Post religious trend continues – Anne Rice Leaves Christianity but Remains Faithful to Christ

A couple weeks ago famous author Anne Rice added to the continuing post religious trend when she posted on her facebook page ““I remain committed to Christ as always but not to being ‘Christian’ or being a part of Christianity. … Continue reading

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Finding Faith: More college students see themselves as spiritual rather than religious | AVALANCHE-JOURNAL

The future of the church depends on reaching the growing number of spiritual but post-religious people especially today’s students. This recent article fromthe heart of the Bible belt shows the post-religious phenomenon is not restricted to hot spots of “secularism” … Continue reading

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alan hirsch in grand rapids

Today I got the chance to here Alan Hirsch talk at Grand Rapid Theological Seminary. These folks are constantly bringing some good people into town to stimulate conversation all across the theological spectrum of thought. This is a good thing. … Continue reading

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Adventures in missing the truth

Welcome to another episode of adventures in missing the truth. Priest Mocks Clinton in Sermon – AOL News WARNING RANT AHEAD Maybe I reading the wrong papers or viewing the wrong political pundits. But I heard them all say the … Continue reading

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mustard seed as a metaphor for church multiplication

I came across this post a mustard seed church over at some strange ideas It has some interesting thoughts about the mustard seed being an appropriate metaphor for church growth and multiplication. Since our church Mosaic Life has been exploring … Continue reading

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why race matters VII – credibilty, race and class

So here’s another set of reasons why we can’t ignore the issue of race if the church is to emerge into something other than refuge a disgruntled white intellectuals. There is a credibility gap in our society and it strains … Continue reading

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40 years

I got this today from someone is concerned as I am about how we continue to live Dr King’s dream 40 years and the church stands mute in acknowledging the assassination of Dr. King. 40 years and we bumble, stumble … Continue reading

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race matters V here a noose there a noose every where a loose noose

OK everywhere you look it seems there are nooses being hung. First Jena then a long Island police station, then the door of a Columbia university professor. Note that two of these are in the north where it is suggested … Continue reading

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church critique jamaican (island) style

I just came back from Jamaica where I discovered this incredible biting critque and satire about the church by reggae artist shaggy. Church Heathen Lyrics If yuh tek this too serious, then yuh really need som chuch        Chorus Dem feel … Continue reading

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biting satire about the church

For truly biting satire about the church modern and otherwise check out this site TheChurchYouKnow.com Homepage

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