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faith in a post religious world

So in response to the recent USA today article about people turning away from religion I have had several conversations mostly in cyberspace with Christians who give me way to understand why our culture is moving into being post-religious. First, there is … Continue reading

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More changes coming on the religious landscape

If the thoughts  in this post from CS monitor (in light of the recent article and study reported in USA Today) are true then I sadly don’t think the church in the US is ready. The coming evangelical collapse | csmonitor.com … Continue reading

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Slice of Laodicea: on the rampage again

 I just noticed that Slice of Laodicea:  is on the rampage again wiith their/his particular perspective on Christianity, recently he has attacked Christians doing yoga, Rob Bell, Willow Creek, and now all things emergenct in a critique of Anne Lamott for endorsing a … Continue reading

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Da Vinci Code Review

the da Vinci code

Year: 2006

Writer: Dan Brown/Akiva Goldsman

Director: Ron Howard

Producer: Dan Brown/Brian Grazer

Category: Drama

Studio: Columbia Pictures

Distributor: Sony Pictures

Rating from MPAA: PG-13


  • Robert Langdon: Tom Hanks
  • Sophie Neveu: Audrey Tautou
  • Sir Leigh Teabing: Ian McKellen
  • Silas: Paul Bettany
  • Bezu Fache: Jean Reno
  • Lt. Collet: Etienne Chicot
  • Bishop Aringarosa: Alfred Molina
  • Rating: 2 out of 5

    OK let me say that I didn’t get the chance to read the book before had so I can’t compare it. Which may be a good thing. After all the hype and hyperbole about this destroying the Christian faith DCV feels more like a second rate thriller than a life changing movie. This is no Matrix in terms of its spiritual overtones. it is more of a journey in to history and lots and lots and lots of convoluted theories and speculation. From a movie making standpoint I was disappointed.

    This is not Ron Howard’s best work and Tom Hanks is not at the top of his game. French actor Jean Reno and Hank’s costar Audrey Tautou do a fair but unimpressive job. Alfred Molina also does a passable job as the single minded Bishop Aringarosa. By far the most outstanding cast member is Ian McKellen who plays his role as the Priory of Scion expert Sir Leigh Teabing with relish and enthusiasm without going over the top. Paul Bettany is effectively scary and convincing as the albino “servant” of the Opus Dei Silas. There are some interesting special effects related to cryptography. But the story could be difficult to follow and tends to drag, despite a couple of car chase scenes. There is only minimal character development done through flashbacks which I found more distracting than helpful. The historical flashback are presented in an interesting though not always effective way. There are several historical inaccuracies on which the basic premise of the movies is based. Maybe I should say that much of what is presented as historical fact is more like conjecture about historical events.

    As to the problem of the movie attacking the Christian faith I think that the people who have the biggest axe to grind is the Roman Catholic church, in particular the Ops Dei group. Members of this group are presented as manipulative. deceptive and immoral in there effort to keep the secret that would destroy the faith undiscovered. There are some interesting questions posed about the import of the divinity of Jesus, the origins of the biblical canon and the role that doctrine play in faith. But all in all the is nothing ground shaking unless one has a completely literal an fundamentalist view of scripture faith and Christian practice

    It strikes me that with all the conjecture buried layer on upon layer very few people of faith are going to turn away from their faith because of this movie. In fact I think it takes more faith to belief in circuitous trail of theories and conjecture in the movie that it does to belief in than the seemingly unbelievable aspects of the Christian faith. Those who are spiritually searching my well go down the rabbit hole trying to follow this trail but it could also lead then to seek more information from Jesus followers and ask more question of friends of faith.

    Bottom line is it is an OK movie nothing to write home about from a spiritual perspective and so so film making. But my wife enjoyed it and she was not really exposed to all the hype and has not read the book. Doctoral studies will do that to you.
    There are some pretty graphic scenes of self flagellation, violence, brief nudity, and sexual references and drug use that make this unsuitable for anyone under 13 so the rating is justified. This will not destroy the Christian faith or harm it in my opinion any more than the Last Temptation of Christ did. But all the hype will sell a lot of tickets. My opinion if you have some spiritually searching friends who are dying to see it go take it in with the and talk about it afterward. Use the opportunity to have conversations about spiritual matters with others. If you aren’t just dying to see it then wait for video. Though it might be a while because I do expect this to be in the theaters for several months. Can you say DVD release hype to come?

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    Da Vinci Code– the Movie: GUIDE TO CHRISTIAN VIEWERS

    Well I didn’t get to read the book before seeing the movie but here is one person’s Ben Witherington guidelines for Christian viewers GUIDE TO CHRISTIAN VIEWERS This movie is not appropriate to bring: 1) young children to– the violence and … Continue reading

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    the sometimes secret message of Jesus

    OK I must admit that the title of Brian Mclaren’s new book The Secret Message of Jesus made me wince a bit. Just a bit but a wince nonetheless. With the gospel of Judas coming on the heals of Brian’s new … Continue reading

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    red letter christians

    One of my favorite writers speakers and evangelicals Tony Campolo has a great article on beliefnet.com calling for a new approach to Christian participation in the political arena. He wants to jump-start a religious movement that will transcend partisan politics. Believing that Jesus … Continue reading

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    Anne Rice writes about Jesus, ‘Christ the Lord,’ from vampires to Jesus — Beliefnet.com

    America’s favorite author of vampire tales is now writing about blood of a different sort. Check out this article. Anne Rice from vampires to Jesus — Beliefnet.com

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    can the emerging church emerge without racial reconciliation?

    I’ve been asking myself this question for  a while now. Steve argue posted his impressions of Randall Jelks talk at Calvin College’s January series prompted these thoughts. He quotes Jelks I am not free if my sister is not free. I am … Continue reading

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    post-emergent conversation continues

    Maurice Broaddus has been continuing the conversation about my post emergent post cross pollinating on his message board. There have been some interesting thoughts added to the conversation. Thought I’d post some and my responses here. Dark-skinned theologians???…wait…but…but….isn’t Jesus that pale-white, … Continue reading

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