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Lack of posts

Been so busy this summer have not had much time to post. I has been so crazy working on transitions at the church and with family. Hopefully thongs will even out soon and I can post more.

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blogging about blogging at faith in public life training institute

Right now we are in a workshop at the faith in life training institute on blogging in the faith sector of the blogosphere. There are a couple folks talking about progressive faith blogs or the lack thereof and the wide … Continue reading

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Testing BlogJet

I have installed an interesting application – BlogJet. It’s a cool Windows client for my blog tool (as well as for other tools). Get your copy here: http://blogjet.com “Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate … Continue reading

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the return of the mosaic man

This always seems to happen despite my best  efforts. I seem to have a season of blogging intensely then life & ministry take precedence over blog chatter. But there is a time a season for everything under heaven. So its … Continue reading

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blogs4god is back

blogs4god a  christian blog aggregator is back online. Here’s the press release. blogs4God to rise from the dead — After narrowly escaping a digital death at the hands of spammers, blogs4God has been resurrected with an entirely new format to … Continue reading

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new blogging software

I’ve been getting swamped by spam so I decided to try different blogging software to see if that will slow the spammers down

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life did it again

just when i thought i would have more time for blogging life did it again. life caught me in the tyranny of the urgent. sick friends, unexpected responsibilities and poof there goes the time. oh well

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been a while

Seems like I can only blog in spurts. real life planting a church being with family a such takes over. well mosaic life is officially launched and we moving along. so here i am again to blog

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migrating the blog

after checking out dj chuang’s blog i’ve decided to migrate this blog to new blog tool called b2evolution. I’ll be posting in both places until the transition is complete. please post comments on the new blog. The archives will remain … Continue reading

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I’m back

i’m back i couldn’t help myself. several (surprising ) e mails from people saying they missed the blog, an invite from jen lemen to join her group blog on brian mclaren’s latest book a generous orthodoxy and finally rudy carraso’s … Continue reading

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